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I'm getting some good snugly time with my grandmas dog Ted. He's the cutest! And with his little snaggle tooth!

I snuck a picture of my Grandma too. She hates having her picture taken so I snuck one on my phone. Super sweet.
She gave me this bracelet and ring of hers from the 50s. It's so pretty. And works perfectly cuz it's dogwood flowers and that's the tattoo I wanted to get. I may have to go do that soon so I can show her :)

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I have literally never seen it rain this hard in southern california!
I realized the drain in our patio was clogged and the storage closet and apartment almost flooded. Thank god a maintenance guy was next door. We had to use my swiffer broom handle to unclog it. Poor guy got soaked cuz the patio is in two inches of water.
The thunder is getting huge. No big lightning yet, but I'm sitting in front of our big sliding glass doors watching. Rain seems to be blowing out.

Smee watching the rain pour off the roof!

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Food = bleh

I seem to have lost all taste for food. My stomach is constantly upset and food just does not sound appealing at all. I keep having to force myself to eat every day.
Any time I have any anxiety or emotional stress in my life, it goes straight to my stomach. Ive been like this since junior high.
It really is getting fucking annoying.

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 Finally looked up how much a rename costs. $15!!!! HOLY CRAP. Ughhhh. I really need to rename my stupid account. But I don't wanna shell out $15 for it. Yeesh!
Any new accounts name ideas?
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My Comic-Con Story

So I figured I would just write out the whole 24 hours worth of happenings.

So bear with me. This will be very very long. And I will get all my pictures up eventually. My internet is being a butthead but my dad did agree to set up wireless this weekend! THANK GOD!

So he goes...

My friend Joanne and I arrived in San Diego around 7:30 PM. Checked into our hotel. Went and met up with her group of reporters from We went over to check out Hall H (where the panels would be) and see if there were people. There were already about 20 people in line, so we hopped in line. At 10PM at night. Yup. We're crazy. So we ended up making friends with a lot of people around us. Including 3 Twilight Moms from Utah who were a TON of fun (not the typical nasty TwiMoms). The front of the line were a bunch of bitchy TwiMoms who wouldn't talk to anyone. So Joanne and I went back to get our stuff from the hotel and check out since we figured out we wouldn't be using it at all. What a waste of $140! So we ordered 4 large pizzas to the hotel and took those back to the line. People never paid us back for that shit. ARGH! [Oh, sorry if I swear, lol, I'm sure you'll live].
So we were in line for ever. At one point, I looked toward the front of the line and noticed this cute guy standing up wearing a black t-shirt that said "" which is a top Harry Potter fansite, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE their site. So I asked all the other girls if they knew who he was. All I could remember was Emerson, who runs the site. So one of the girls actually had the nerve and went up to him and asked "Are you Emerson?" and he and the people he was with busted out laughing. His name is Andrew, and everyone ALWAYS asks if he's Emerson, cuz they remember his odd name. So we hung with Andrew from, then Melissa from the Leaky Cauldron (also a top HP site) and 2 girls from who made amazing Twilight Team Edward buttons and gave us some! Thanks ladies!
So we hung out with the HP fansite people for awhile. They were all really sweet and were so nice to talk to. Joanne did a few interviews with them for her Robert site. They were so gracious!
Well, after a few hours we realized that people who still needed to pick up their badges (you need a badge in order to get in; we ordered ours online) had to move to another place to get the badges in the morning and then would have to come down to the Hall H line to get in for the panel. So there was much craziness about the line for badges. 4 hour story short, the line got moved about 4 times. The final move--- all the people that had been in line all night long lost our spots. But the crazy ass TwiMom who had been lined up since 1PM threw a hissyfit and finally got security to agree to let all the people that had been lined up (since we all knew who we all were since we had been there for about 9 hours already) and she went through the whole line and pulled us all up to the front. Which was really nice. Much thanks to her for doing that!

So we got in and got our badges and bags of free shwag. Woot! We went to try and figure out the autograph thing, cuz it was going to be a raffle. Long story short, the lady told us it would just be Stephenie Meyers and she wouldn't sign her books. So we decided to just go back and meet up with the people holding our spots in the line for Hall H. By the time we got down there, it was a GIANT line. It ended up being a mile long, apparently. So we all hung out FOR HOURS! Oh, and this whole time I was sick. Don't know why. But I felt so queasy. I almost rushed to the BR to puke a few times, but the only BRs available were across the street and public restrooms and really nasty. So I sucked it up. So I was sick through the whole experience. Which sucked really badly. But whatevs. So they open up Hall H and file everyone in to numbered rows so they could let us in one row at a time. We were crammed in there like sardines for around 1.5 hours. Which was a whole big mess with me feeling like I was going to puke at any second. But I lived. Then they let us in. And we hauled ass to the very very front. Hall H seats 6,500 people. Seriously, it does. So it was a long run to the front. So we were in the 8th row back from the stage. Front and center BITCHES. Yeah, we so rocked so hard. So then after a couple thousand people got in, the curtains in the back of the hall fell down. It was hilarious. But then they had to repair those and go around the entire room and check out all the other curtains. Which delayed every panel by atleast 1.5 hours. So we were all going INSANE!

Then the panels started.

First panel was for The Day The Earth Stood Still. In attendance was Keanu Reevs, Jennifer Connelly, the director and produced. Keanu YOWZA that man can rock facial hair. Got to see a lot of clips of the movie. It looks SOOOO COOL! Way freaky though! Definitely check it out. Except some DUMBASS decided that it should premiere on 12-12-08. Yeah, same day as Twilight. I almost got up and asked that question, but decided it would be rude, lol. Cool panel, cool movie. They gave out t-shirt that say "Klaatu barada nikto" which is an alien phrase from the movie. It also has the Comic-Con symbol on the sleeve. So it's my official Comic-Con souvenir. I'm wearing it right now. Got a lot of funny looks when I went out to meet a friend today. But I love it! And thank god it fit me omg!

Next panel was for the movie Max Payne. In attendance was the director, Mila Kunis (That 70's Show), Chris Bridhes (rapper Ludacris), and Mark Wahlberg (big hunk of man who I want very badly). They were all really great! Movie looks AMAZING! It's a take on the video game, and the movie is filmed like a video game. Where the camera is getting beat up while Max Payne get beat up. It's pretty neat. They have this new thing called the Phantom Camera that does a Matrix-esque slow motion thing. We got to see some, and it's mind-blowing! Mark Wahlberg was adorable! He was totally flirting with the audience and winking when we'd scream. I screamed like crazy at him. He's so good looking! I've never been a big fan of his, but Max Payne looks fantastic!

So after they all walk off stage, people are expecting a few minutes break, whatever. The mediator was still at the podium and someone walked up and handed him a piece of paper. (I assume this was all staged). So he reads it then says "Well, it appears we have a surprise guest. Just finished filming a movie and just flew in on Quantas airlines" so my mind is racing "Aussie?! WHO WHO WHO WHO WHO?!"
The mediator says "HUGH JACKMAN" and he walks out.
And then I died. I kid you not. My corpse is still lying on the floor of Hall H.
Hugh Jackman came out and I seriously lost my shit. I fer-reaked out. He looked AMAZING! And he's always been one of my most favorite actors! So he came to promote the new XMen movie, Wolverine, which they just finished filming. We got to see a good 3-4 minute clip. The movie looks AMAZING. I've always been a huge XMen nerd and I was just freaking out! More of the XMen will be in the movie, like Gambit! And actor Leiv Shriber is playing a vampire-like character!
So Hugh Jackman was amazing. At one point he says "I want to say a special thank you to someone in the audience. Without this person, I would not be here. The creator of Wolverine himself! [I couldn't hear the guy's name over the screaming]" So Hugh jumps off the stage and walks over toward the press section, which is literally RIGHT NEXT TO ME! So I'm like flipping out! Screaming at my friend "GO DOWN THE AISLE! GO DOWN THE AISLE!" but a staff person was there and wouldn't let us. So Hugh goes down and shakes the guy's hand. Then gets back up on stage. I have video of all of that and you can hear me yelling GO GO GO or something, lol. At one point, I film the floor cuz I was trying to get down the aisle toward him lol.
So he left and I called Kim (Isis) FREAKING OUT! Cuz I was on a Hugh Jackman high. So I was freaking out like crazy from that for a long time.

Then a lady walks out on stage, and we think the Twilight cast will be coming out after her so we all freak out. Turns out she's just putting down name cards (like we need them lol). So everyone screams like maniacs when all the cards go down. Then the giant movie screens flash to "Twilight" in it's fancy script. More screaming. Then the mediator comes out... and introduces Taylor Lautner (Jacob), Edi Gathegi (Laurent), Rachelle Lefavre (Victoria), Cam Gigandet (James), Kristen Stewart (Bella), Robert Pattinson(Edward)[I died again.], Stephenie Meyer, and Catherine Hardwicke (director).

I have never heard screaming that loud. I am not kidding.

So the Twilight panel. They showed the ballet studio scene. Full scene. Not a whole lot we haven't seen. More Bella ass-kicking. Get to see James bite Bella, which was CRAZY SCARY!

Here's a little rant.
So at the very beginning of the panels the director of Comic-Con came out and explained to everyone that they were NOT to film the movie clips or put them on YouTube. He says if this happens, they will not continue to show movie clips and such at Comic-Con becase that is not the point of showing the clips. It is supposed to be a nice bonus for people that come. So people are NOT to film the movie clips.

People filmed the Twilight clips, and they're on YouTube. I'm sure you've all seen it already. If you haven't, don't watch it. Not only is it seriously disrespectful that people filmed something they were SPECIFICALLY asked very nicely not to do, they are ruining future chances for other people to enjoy something like we did. So boycott the YouTube video of the Ballet Scene if you haven't already scene it. Other than it being disrespectful, it wasn't much more than we had already seen in the trailers.

So, overall, the Twilight panel was sort of a bummer. Questions were sort of boring or really rude (A TwiMom asked Rob "Boxers, briefs, or nothing?" and then he was hesitating for 2 second and she said "Oh Kristen, you might know?". OMG. I was so appalled she said that. She gives TwiMoms a bad name.) They were all pretty lame. One girl asked Rob, Kristen, and Stephenie what their favorite Edward/Bella moment was from the books or movies. Kristen said it was a meadow scene I think. Rob said it was a scene we haven't seen yet where he's trying to intimidate Bella and it doesn't work. Stephenie Meyers said "Well... it's in the final book, so I can't tell you." to which the audience ERUPTED! E. R.U.P.T.E.D. Like so loud. We screamed like MANIACS at the mention of Breaking Dawn.

But that was really all about it that we got from Twilight. Only one movie clip, which we had basically seen!

***OMG I'm watching the TV channel G4's coverage of Comic-con they do every night, and the Twilight interviews are gunna be on! I've seen them already, but still! TWILIGHT!****

So we get up to leave from the Twilight panel. After was going to be Gerard Butler, but we wanted to go over to the Hard Rock Hotel across the street cuz we had heard rumor (from Kim/Isis) that the cast was going to be there. 2 friends and I camped out in their lobby for about 3 hours.

At first, nothing.

Then Paris Hilton walked through. With like 9 body guards. Big pink dress, huge sunglasses, on her phone. Looked hot. We told her she was hot lol. She ignored us, big shock!
So I'm sitting on the couch talking to a guy (Yeah, I picked up a boy at Comic-Con. I find this fact hilarious, but I really liked him and he appeared to like me... *giggle*) and he's a big movie buff and I was facing the front door and who do I see walking in but KEVIN SMITH! (Silent Bob of Jay and Silent Bob, among many other things). So I grabbed the guy's hand and was like "Don't freak out... but Kevin Smith is walking in". Then he freaked out. He jumped up and ran over to Kevin Smith. Ended up talking to his for a few minutes. Said he was really nice. He came back to me and then he to call his mom and tell her he met Kevin Smith, lol. Hecka cute dorky. The whole day every 5 minutes he'd be like "OMG... I met Kevin Smith!" Hella epic.

Then who walked through but Cam Gigandet. Looking so foxy omg. So we said hi, he ignored us. Then walking through was Taylor Lautner. We said "Taylor, you're great!" and he actually waved and said "Thank you guys" to us! YAY! Then walked in was Rachelle Lefavre and Edi Gathegi. Rachelle is amazing looking. She's so tall and GORGEOUS. Edi was really funny. We waved at them and they nodded.

And then we saw Rob. My friend spotted him. And we all screamed. Ran up to him and was like "Rob! We love you! Can we take a picture?" and he was walking fast with his prolly-publicist and was like "No, I'm running late" and walked away.

Yeah, total douche. We were so annoyed!

But we got within like a foot of him.
We breathed his air.
And it was goooooo-ooooood. Like majorly good omg.

Then we sat back down on the couch very dejected. Then I notice Stephenie Meyers off to the side walking towards the restaurant with the woman you always see her with, her bff. So she walked right by us and we said "Hi Stephenie!" and she said Hi. So I was like "I really love your books, I can't wait for Breaking Dawn! I really appreciate you coming here!" (or something like that omg I was so excited I can't even remember. If that's not what I said, it's what I wanted to say) and she said "Thanks!" and walked off. So we were in like giant squee mode. Catherine Hardwicke came in shortly after but she was surrounded by people so we didn't even say anything to her. But the guy I was talking to was supposed to interview her later that day. I hope he did. I gotta email him about that!

So after that we went back to The Con and walked around the floor. Got some Twilight card thingies. I may do some sort of contest on here for those, cuz I have like 3 or 4 extras. That I got just for you guys :D
The Summit (Twilight) booth was crowded like crazy. We didn't even try to get anywhere near it!
Walked around. Saw all the crazy people dressed up in costume. I can't believe so many people do that! But I admire their guys atleast, lol.

So that's about it, I think. Flew home at 9PM. I fell asleep on the plane though I don't even remember closing my eyes. I woke up and was like "Damn, I'm thirsty. What happened to the drink cart stuff?!" I looked across the aisle and the guy had already finished his drink. Apparently I slept through the noisy cart. WTF. I never sleep on planes, so I was shocked!!!

No sleep for like 38 hours and barely any food.
I lost 5 pounds in one day. I'm not kidding, lol. I woke up at like 1:30PM today. Slept for about 12 hours straight. I wanted to sleep later but my mind was filmed with Hugh Jackman and sleeping is not something that comes to mind when thinking of him....

So that's about it. Once I get all my pictures online, I'll post a link.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about my trip as much as I enjoyed going!!!
It was fantastic!
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Any Twilighters in CA going to Comic-Con....

I don't have anyone to go with and would love to tag along with someone that is going. I'm not really familiar with So Cal and have never been to a Comic-Con.

If anyone is going and would love some company, send me a message!

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Hello to those checking my LJ. I made this LJ because the communities that I watch and adore had clogged up my first LJ. Well, I'm not much of a blogger anyway, but I do participate a lot in all the communities I follow.
If I asked to join a community, please add me. If you have any questions or comments about my LJ, leave me a comment.